October 5, 2018


We have entered into partnerships with a few companies who are on the same journey as us. We work together to provide our clients with the most reliable solutions for monetizing their traffic.

ROI metrics

This platform is important to advertisers, consultants, and agencies. It helps them improve their advertising performance in across different channels. The platform and optimizes the performance against certain metrics to guarantee maximum revenue. ROI Metrics makes it possible to link up all your sales, revenue, and campaigns into a single location for better reporting and optimization of revenue that comes directly from marketing. You can monitor your prospects starting from the first time a visitor enters your site to the close of a sale. It is possible to determine whether or not your campaign is earning you money. If it is not, you can make adjustments.

There are API-connectors to help you view all your data in one place. ROI Metrics is compatible with Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Call racking Solutions, and MailChimp. ROI Metrics helps you to convert your data into money by using automation features to appeal to the right customers and converting them. If you are unable to measure the performance of your site, it may be difficult to improve it.


Nielsen is one of our partners. It has been in operation for more than 90 years. The company is a measurement and data analytics company that operates all around the world. It provides information about markets and consumers all around the world. They work by combining theirs and other data sources to help clients to know what is happening and what to expect. This information helps them to determine the best course of action to take. Nielsen tries to provide solutions for questions related to retail, advertising, consumer-goods industries, and the media. It has operated in over 90% of the world’s population. The company helps business people to understand what consumers are looking for. This information helps them to know the right products and services for various clients. Nielsen maintains high standards of privacy and confidentiality when handling data to protect their panelists, associates, and the public. It is beneficial to advertisers, media owners, agencies, and manufacturers. For advertisers, it helps to ensure that they target their messages to the right audience and that they use the right tools to validate delivery. Nielsen helps media owners to create excellent campaigns and content to compete effectively. It helps them to measure the total audience.


This is the first unified content marketing solution which features some of the leading enterprise brands. In the digital age, it is important to ensure that your customers have a pleasant experience. If they do not, they are likely to seek a better experience in other sites. You need to prioritize the experience of your customers while keeping your content aligned. Your content needs to be of value to your customers. It needs to be exciting and fresh. You need to manage the content and ensure that your site is scalable. Remember that you are competing for attention from your visitors with any other sites. You need to provide content that encourages visitors to say on your site. Content One provides you with solutions to these problems. It provides you with content that puts the needs of your target customers first. It helps you to implement your strategies successfully and to earn the loyalty of your audience.